WEINLAND Kickstarter Campaign

WWEINLAND KickstarterEINLAND is running a fundraising campaign to cover the costs associated with making our new record. We’ve got to pay off some old studio bills, some new studio bills just racked up, and a few future bills coming! Please check out our Kickstarter campaign and consider supporting this project in one way or another. All donations $10 and up are rewarded with at minimum an advanced copy of our new record when it comes out!

Here’s an excerpt from our project page:

The Portland, Oregon quintet WEINLAND is making a new record. We need your help! Obviously money has been in short supply over the last few years and with less and less people purchasing music, more and more bands are turning to the generosity and support of their fans to support their artistic endeavors. Us too!

WEINLAND is currently in an amazing position of artistic freedom and excitement. Between labels and looking for love in all the wrong places! We have new songs written, we’ve started recording them, and the momentum is building (recent features on NPR and MTV ain’t no joke!). We’re asking you to join the team …read more!

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