Breaks in The Sun

The follow up to 2008’s critically acclaimed La Lamentor, Breaks In The Sun is an intimate collection of songs committed to 2” tape amidst sleep deprivation, whiskey consumption, and luck. Navigating broken trust, love, lust, poverty, and addiction a calm sense of knowing foils the emotional complexity in Shearer’s lyrics. The gorgeously subdued vocal harmonies, atmospheric fingerpicking, dobro, cellos, violins, brushed drums, melodica, mandolin, honeyed pedal steel, piano, and subtle percussive minutiae amount to a timeless album by a contemporary artist.

Vinyl notes: 180 audiophile quality vinyl, this pressing is limited to 500 copies and contains a coupon for a complete digital download of the whole album.

“My history with Portland, Oregon’s Weinland runs deep. In 2006, they were going by the name John Weinland, put out one helluva record, Deversville, and followed it up with last year’s La Lamentor. Both remarkable, both come with my highest recommendation. I begged them to play in Madison last year.” Muzzle of Bees



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Side A

  1. Sunken Eyes
  2. I’m Sure It Helps
  3. Hardly Worth Saving
  4. People Like You
  5. Autumn Blood
  6. Piano Interlude

Side B

  1. The Letters II
  2. It’s Already True
  3. I Feel Wasted
  4. The Breaks In The Sun
  5. Piano Hymn