WEINLAND on MTV | World Of Jenks II

We were lucky enough to be included in another episode of World Of Jenks!  They used Breaks in The Sun and People Like You.  Pretty exciting.  I was particularly surprised and impressed with what they did with Breaks in The Sun.. to get it to work they re-arranged the parts a little bit.. which actually ended up being really cool.  You have to geek out and listen through the dialogue to hear the changes.. but if you do.. its neat.  The chord changes they inadvertently (I’m assuming) create are super cool.

Watch this episode of World of Jenks.

WEINLAND on MTV | World of Jenks

World of Jenks | WEINLANDOn September 20th, 2010 WEINLAND’s music made its MTV debut on a television program called World of Jenks.  Not having seen the program before I had to do a little research to get a sense for this event and its meaning..

World of Jenks is a 1st person MTV documentary series that follows the real life person Andrew Jenks as he spends a week at a time hanging out/living with an individual of interest.  Each week a new person of interest is introduced.  The show happens in acts and seems to have a knack for revealing the inner beauty behind human struggle.  In a way it has a very This American Life feel.. but for people that haven’t yet realized that one day, when they’re older, they will be addicted to NPR.

How did this happen?
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WEINLAND, Led Zeppelin, & NPR’s All Song’s Considered

Whoa Whoa Whoa!!  WEINLAND was featured on the front page of NPR’s All Songs Considered website today!  And maybe even more exciting, on their radio broadcast!

We are thrilled and honored to have been featured as a part of the new Led Zeppelin tribute, From the Land of Ice and Snow, from Jealous Butcher Records right here in Portland, Oregon.   There are three records worth of songs on this comp!  From M.Ward, Laura Veirs, Chris Walla, Adam Selzer, The Portland Cello Project, Arch Cape, Tu Fawning, The Long Winters, Dave Depper, Larry Crane, and so many more!!

Needless to say, we are more than honored to be featured in this amazing broadcast.

Read and listen at NPR.org: HERE
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Promising Local band to support The Decemberists :)

Whoa!  It’s coming up and it’s coming up fast!!  Less than a week from now we will be rocking Pioneer Square in support of The Decemberists!!  The amazing Laura Veirs and Blue Giant also on the bill!  This is going to be R double-A Rad.  Get your tickets in advance.. better yet, get a whole wristband!!  We start at 4pm and will be joined by amazing guests and are even considering one of our crazy classic (prog) rock covers!!  Hope to see you!

Tickets: www.musicfestnw.com

WEINLAND to play with The Decemberists

We are so excited to announce our MFNW showcase!  We will be playing in support of Portland’s very own Decemberists on September 11th at Pioneer Square in downtown Portland (frequently referred to as Portland’s Living Room).  You can read all about it on the MusicfestNW website: http://musicfestnw.com/

Also on the bill are the amazing Laura Veirs and the very cool Blue Giant (new project of the fine folks of Viva Voce).