“Beneath Portland, Ore.’s nationally-recognized layer of musical talent lies a bedrock of more than one thousand working bands throughout the metropolitan area. Among these up-and-coming acts, Weinland stands out as one of the most promising.” — PASTE MAGAZINE

“True, gripping melodies—ones that stand up to repeated listening. – Entertainment Weekly

“A highly rewarding, skillfully balanced collection of songs.” – iTunes

“Puts forth fragile, folky songs that at times evoke elements of Neil Young. (Not all evokers of Neil Young are worth spending time with, but this act is.)” – USA TODAY

“Shearer sings in metaphor and poetry.” – Seattle Weekly

“My early contender for local album of the year, “La Lamentor’ is a disc to cherish” – The Oregonian

“Damn is it beautiful” – Willamette Week

“The Portland five-piece’s frontman, Adam Shearer, channels Elliot Smith’s frail whisper — and like Smith’s, his voice can stand steadfastly alone over a single guitar or piano note.” – SF Guardian

“La Lamentor is one of those albums that is beautifully arranged and produced, leaving the songs to sidle up next to the listener like long lost friends.” – Americana UK

“Five beardos who create some of the finest brooding folk rock in [Portland]” – Harp Magazine

“An amazing & intimate collection of hauntingly beautiful folk lullabies—the kind that are so good they give you goose bumps.” – The Portland Mercury

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