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World of Jenks | WEINLANDOn September 20th, 2010 WEINLAND’s music made its MTV debut on a television program called World of Jenks.  Not having seen the program before I had to do a little research to get a sense for this event and its meaning..

World of Jenks is a 1st person MTV documentary series that follows the real life person Andrew Jenks as he spends a week at a time hanging out/living with an individual of interest.  Each week a new person of interest is introduced.  The show happens in acts and seems to have a knack for revealing the inner beauty behind human struggle.  In a way it has a very This American Life feel.. but for people that haven’t yet realized that one day, when they’re older, they will be addicted to NPR.

How did this happen?

At 4:45 AM.. in the morning?! I received an email from our record label.. it read:

“Hey Adam,

MTV is going to have “I Feel Wasted” in tonight’s episode of World of Jenks.  It will be in Act 3.


And I thought?  Really?  That’s it?  We’re just gonna have a song on MTV.. no whistles, fireworks, dancing bears?  Hasn’t this been the game plan since junior high?  -Check-  Okay, now we can mark singing on MTV off the list of things to do before we become responsible.  I don’t even have cable!?  I had to wait until the next day so I could watch it online?

Which leads to the obvious question: Are we rich?

Well, duh.  Of course we are!  Not financially of course.

Anyway.. that’s it.. we were on MTV.  I watched the show.. it was great!  I even watched one of the other World of Jenks episodes and it was great to.  All in all it was dope.


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