“No two ways about it, “Los Processaur” is just a really good song.” – Colin Meloy (The Decemberists)

Portland, Oregon’s WEINLAND has been a mainstay of the Pacific Northwest Music scene since early 2007. Since releasing Breaks In The Sun (Badman Recording Co.) in 2009, WEINLAND has become a beloved group in their home state and beyond for what USA Today called their “fragile, folky songs that at times evoke elements of Neil Young.” Los Processaur, released independently on November 6, 2012 through Woodphone Records and Jealous Butcher Records, is the latest WEINLAND album.

Los Processaur is an honest offering.  We all know that in the music business there are a lot of long drives, longer nights, dirty floors, and empty pockets, but there is also a lot of beauty. It’s an ecosystem that thrives on hope… and every once in awhile a band puts forth a record that is worth the time it will take to get to know it.  This album is worth your time.